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Intensive care ventilation without compressed gases – Low Cost - High Performance

The Gemini- G100 ventilator is an electrically driven piston ventilator with integrated oxygen concentrator for use in intensive care, particularly designed for use in settings/situations where high pressure Oxygen gas supplies are problematic.


The Gemini -G100 does not place any demand on the oxygen supply within the hospital as it only requires mains electrical power – this means the hospital does not need to rely on deliveries of Oxygen, particularly during peak demand.

Multiple modes allow a wide range of patients and conditions to be effectively ventilated efficiently and cost effectively.

Gemini Full Front 3 print

image shows front of GEMINI – G100

Key Features

  • 15.6” colour high resolution glass touch screen
  • Electrically driven Piston ventilator
  • Integrated Oxygen concentrator – 10 litre flow
  • User “help” facility via “?” button – provides simple instruction to familiarise the user with the function selected
  • Multi mode – VCV, PCV, Spont, PSV-Plus, PCV-VG, V-SIMV and P-SIMV
  • Minute and Tidal volume adjustment
  • Pressure limit and target pressure adjustment
  • I:E Ratio, PEEP, Trigger and Sigh adjustment
  • Six ‘user selectable’ Waveforms, (max 4 displayed)
  • Pressure, Volume, & Flow vs Time
  • Six ‘user selectable’ Waveforms, (max 4 displayed)

image shows back of GEMINI – G100

  • Pressure, Volume, & Flow vs Time
  • Loops – Pressure/Volume or Pressure/Flow with user save facility
  • (user set Vol or Flow when CO2 gas monitor option fitted)
  • Digital exhaust / PEEP valve
  • Single use Breathing Circuit components; -Patient Valves for Inspiratory and expiratory -Patient Flow sensor with indexed connections -Twin limb breathing system – 1.6m
  • Oxygen flowmeter with constant / demand flow.
  • Oxygen monitor with MOX 3 fuel cell
  • 2 stage Air entrainment filter – gives dust free inspired air
  • Additional Pin Index and pipeline Oxygen supply.
  • CO2 side stream integrated gas monitor – optional

Extra Options and Addons

Single use patient valves with integrated exhaust and PEEP diaphragm

Optional co2 monitor