OES Medical


Anaesthesia Ventilator

Key Features

  • Combines ease of use with sophisticated modes
  • Large clear colour touch screen
  • Volume / Pressure, Spontaneous, PSV – Plus, SIMV and SMMV modes
  • Dual Waveforms
  • High quality easy to use with low running costs
  • Intuitive touch screen control with large easy to read colour screen
  • Integrated Oxygen monitor with pop up key pad adjustment
  • Variable orifice based Spirometry
  • Electronic PEEP
  • 2 hour battery backup
  • Patient select initial screen
  • User selectable patient weight default settings for 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 150 Kg
  • User saveable patient configured settings with custom naming facility – six off
  • Patient setting confirm button
  • Touch screen set buttons for ventilator settings
  • Pop up key pads for adjusting ventilator settings – Oxygen alarm, Minute volume, Tidal volume, Pressure limit and
  • Target, PEEP, Rate – BPM, and I:E Ratio
  • Measured value display box
  • Colour coded wave forms
  • Mode button display box with second row prompt arrow
  • Ventilation mode select button – usable in case with user confirm
  • Mute button with 120 second delay and reset facility
  • Gas mix option with pop out menu
  • Language options
  • Time
  • Case time with stop and reset facility