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Anaesthesia Workstation

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The Astra 3i from OES Medical is a fully featured multi-functional anaesthesia workstation with a choice of build specifications and options to meet the requirements of the modern operation room. An intuitive user interface along with sophisticated ventilator features and numerous options, provides the Astra 3i with the benefits of an integrated system with the flexibility of modular design. The Astra 3i is efficient and practical and offers high performance anaesthesia in a safe, easy to use, and cost-effective delivery system.

MRI compatible model

Exactly the same specifications/options presented in the Astra 3i can be offered in an MRI compatible model. The only exceptions to this are the EFM option, which is not MRI compatible, and only 2 x electrical sockets can be provided
The MRI model also has a Gauss alarm supplied as standard, (positioned above the flowmeter bank), which is specific to the MRI model only.

image shows Astra 3i with Lynx 12 patient monitor

Key Features

  • Two or Three gases with low Flow cascade tubes for all gases.
  • Two position selectatec backbar.
  • Mechanical Hypoxic guard.
  • Three large lockable drawers.
  • Pull out table for extra workspace.
  • Two lockable front castors and integrated pull handles for easy positioning and movement.
  • Integrated, pneumatically driven and microprocessor controlled Cygnus multifunction ventilator with large 10.4” colour touchscreen.
  • Ventilation modes include: Volume, Pressure, Spontaneous, PSV-Plus, Pressure with Volume, Guarantee, SIMV, SMMV, Cardiac Bypass.

image shows Astra 3i with Lynx 12 Patient Monitor

  • Four available waveforms.
  • Automatic compliance and Fresh Gas compensation to maintain accurate tidal volumes.
  • Five hours battery back-up.
  • Variable orifice patient proximal Spirometry.
  • Hydra CO2 absorber has ventilator and bag mode switching, on/off switch and quick release canister.
  • Compatible with OES patient Monitors, (Lynx 12 & Lynx 15).
  • Suitable for up to Four ‘E’ size back up cylinder yokes
  • Four available electrical sockets, UK, EU, & USA options, (two sockets available in MRI option)
  • Vertical tee slot mounting system, GCX compatible

Extra Options and Addons

Multi-Gas Module

Electronic Flowmeter (EFM)

AGSS system

15” Ventilator screen

MRI Compatible model

Flowmeter backlight

High suction unit