OES Medical

About Us

OES Medical is a UK based world class designer and manufacturer of anaesthesia machines and ICU ventilators for global use.

Established in 1995 offering sub-contract services for the manufacture of high-quality components for use in medical and acute care capital equipment. Today OES has developed significant expertise in the design and manufacture of its own branded medical products focussing on anaesthesia machines and ventilators and more recently ICU ventilators. OES also offers a range of branded patient monitors.

The Astra 3i is the latest fully featured high-end anaesthesia workstation designed to meet and fulfil all the requirements of the modern operating room. The Astra 3i combines all the benefits of an integrated system with the flexibility and ease of use of a modular design. An MRI compatible version of the Astra 3i is also available.

The Gemini range of ICU Ventilators allow a wide range of patients and conditions to be effectively ventilated efficiently and cost effectively. The unique Gemini -G100 is an electrically driven piston ventilator with integrated oxygen concentrator, specifically designed for use in settings/situations where high pressure Oxygen gas supplies are problematic. In fact, the Gemini-G100 does not place any demand on the Oxygen supply within the hospital as it only requires mains electrical power – this means the hospital does not need to rely on deliveries of oxygen, particularly during peak demand. The availability/shortage of Oxygen has been a particular problem during the COVID crisis.

The Lynx range of patient monitors from OES also provide a valuable addition to our main product lines but are also available as stand- alone networked monitors with software based central station.

All OES products are fully compliant to ISO and CE requirements and multiple configurations are available to suit exact market specifications and requirements.

As a privately owned Company OES Medical retains the flexibility to be able to work closely and rapidly with their customers and now sells equipment in excess of 40 countries worldwide via a network of distributors.